In our ongoing effort to evaluate and improve our processes at The University of Alabama, our policy regarding charitable gifts and associated benefits was reviewed by outside legal counsel. In accordance with the attorney's opinion, The University of Alabama is altering our current policy in order to ensure compliance with IRS regulations and protect you as a donor.

Currently, donors are awarded three Tide Totals Priority Points for every $100 gifted to the Crimson Tide Foundation (CTF). These points are used to determine ticket eligibility for road and post-season games and can improve the location of the donor's parking pass (if in an eligible Tide Pride Club level). According to this legal opinion, the IRS deems affiliated Tide Totals Priority Points as a benefit to the donor in the same manner gifts to Tide Pride include a benefit to the donor. Therefore, effective September 1, 2016, the CTF will apply the “80/20 Rule” to CTF gifts just as it is applied to Tide Pride gifts. This will result in 80 percent of the gift being considered charitable for tax purposes and the donor still receiving the full value of Tide Totals Priority Points. This change is consistent with policy implementations at other universities in the Southeastern Conference and across the nation.

The CTF realizes that not all donors are interested in receiving Tide Totals Priority Points and has developed an option for disclaiming the benefit at the time the gift to the CTF is made. To do so, simply complete the form available when submitting your gifts to CTF. Opting out of receiving the Tide Totals Priority Points in this manner will result in the donation being 100 percent charitable and no points being issued for that gift. Please note that once a contribution is processed and the University has issued a charitable receipt, the option to disclaim the points cannot be exercised.

In order to ensure a benefit is not received for grants from Donor Advised Funds or Community Foundations, gifts from Family Foundations and IRA distributions, all such transactions will have points automatically waived.

Private contributions are extremely important to the success of Alabama Athletics and we thank you for your continued support. Should you have any questions regarding the administration of your CTF gifts, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey Blumenthal at 205-348-5758 or