Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund

The Crimson Tide Scholarship Fund (CTSF) provides UA Athletics with annual scholarship support for our student-athletes. UA Athletics currently funds approximately $16.1 million annually for more than 500 student-athlete scholarships in 21 sports. Funds raised through CTSF go directly to student-athlete scholarships. Learn more

Endowed Scholarships

Endowments are gifts that keep on giving. The goal of fully endowing the Athletics scholarship program is a top priority of the Crimson Tide Foundation to ensure that each student-athlete has access to a quality education to prepare them for a successful future. Endowments are invested by the University and a portion of the earnings provides annual scholarship support. The remaining earnings are reinvested to grow the endowment over time and to provide scholarship support in perpetuity. Learn more

Priority Needs

The fund for Athletics Priority Needs allows the Athletics Department to use donations where they are needed most. This fund helps support a variety of current projects while establishing funding for upcoming and future projects. Give Now


One of the expressed missions of the University of Alabama Department of Athletics is to provide its student-athletes with the finest facilities possible to ensure they have the opportunity to compete for championships on the conference as well as national level. In order for the Crimson Tide to achieve its goals for its oldest sport, the restructuring of Sewell-Thomas is a top priority. Learn more

Buildings and Facilities

Maintaining and improving the sixteen Athletics buildings and facilities is a never-ending task. The stadiums, practice facilities, complexes and arenas are constantly in use and always in need of improvements as well as general maintenance and cleaning. The Athletics Department Buildings and Facilities serve the training and competition needs of over 500 student-athletes each day. Additionally, the quality of our infrastructure enhances our Coaches' ability to recruit the top athletes to the University of Alabama. Give Now

Athletics Program of your choice

The success and influence of the Crimson Tide Foundation is ultimately dependent on donations from Crimson Tide fans and UA alumni from all over the world. Through this site, you can learn more about any specific fund or sport and securely submit donations at any level. Donating to a specific project or sport ensures your support is directed to the area about which you are most passionate. Learn more