What is the difference between The Crimson Tide Foundation and TIDE PRIDE?

The Crimson Tide Foundation (CTF) is charged with securing private gifts in support of the University of Alabama Athletics Department. Gifts to CTF contribute directly to the needs of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. All gifts to the Crimson Tide Foundation are applied solely to the Athletics Department's needs. Private support enables UA Athletics to increase its standing, in both athletics and academics, over competing universities beyond what can be accomplished with annual revenue from ticket sales, media rights and other licensing agreements.

TIDE PRIDE is Alabama's ticket priority program for football, basketball, baseball and gymnastics. It provides members the opportunity to purchase season tickets in a designated location, based on their TIDE PRIDE club level. Members pay an annual per-seat contribution and purchase season tickets in each respective sport.

How can gifts to CTF help your standing in TIDE PRIDE?

TIDE PRIDE members receive one (1) point per $100 given toward their TIDE PRIDE seats. However, the philanthropic gifts made by donors to the Crimson Tide Foundation are extremely valuable to the Athletics Department. Therefore, CTF thanks donors by applying three (3) Tide Totals points to the donor's account per $100 contributed to the Foundation. Tide Totals points accrue to help TIDE PRIDE members secure away game and post-season tickets as well as premium parking locations for qualifying club levels.

Why should I give to CTF if I don't need Tide Totals Points?

It's not always all about the tickets. The Crimson Tide Foundation exists to support the Athletics Department. Without philanthropic gifts, the Athletics Department would not be able to fund all 21 sports. In order to provide educational scholarships to our student-athletes, build and maintain state-of-the art facilities for all of our sports, and recruit and retain the best coaches and student-athletes in the country, we need the support of our loyal alumni, former players and fans. Anyone who loves the Crimson Tide and wants to see all of our sports competing at the national level can help support the mission of the Athletics Department by making a gift. Philanthropy is a vital component to the success of our athletics program. We invite all fans and alumni of the University of Alabama, whether or not you are a member of TIDE PRIDE, to join us as we work to provide all of our student-athletes and coaches with the support they need to become champions!