The Alabama Compliance Office often gets asked, "What kind of things may I do for or with prospects or Alabama student-athletes (SAs)?" Each situation is often dependent on the specific facts presented, and the best course of action is to continue to contact the Compliance Office with questions. With that in mind, here are some basic rules.

Boosters are not allowed ...

  • To contact a prospect in an attempt to recruit or encourage attendance at Alabama. This includes telephone calls, letters, emails, and facsimiles, along with any face-to-face contact on or off the Alabama campus.
  • To post messages on a prospect's website (Facebook, Twitter or other similar sites) encouraging attendance at Alabama.
  • To invite a prospect, prospect's family, SA, or their family to any booster function or alumni event. This includes informal events such as tailgate parties or meals after games.
  • To provide a prospect, prospect's family, SA, or their family with transportation, meals, lodging, gifts, entertainment or expenses for any type of service such as legal fees or financial advice.
  • To make contact with a prospective student-athlete or his/her parents when the prospect is on campus for official or unofficial recruiting visits (e.g. inviting them to a tailgate party, asking about recruitment).
  • To contact a prospect to congratulate him/her on signing a National Letter of Intent to attend Alabama.
  • To obtain film/videotape or transcripts from a prospect's educational institution in an effort to evaluate the prospect's academic eligibility or athletic ability.
  • To employ or arrange for employment of a prospect before the completion of the prospects senior year of high school. After graduation, a booster may employ a prospect as long as the compensation is for work actually performed, the prospect is paid at the going rate and commensurate with experience, and compliance is notified.
  • To arrange for money or any other benefit to be funneled to a prospect's coach, school, teachers, non-scholastic team, or other persons involved with the recruitment of the prospect for the purpose of encouraging a prospect to attend Alabama.

Boosters are allowed:

  • To send information (news articles, game programs) concerning a prospect to the appropriate coaching staff.
  • To attend a high school or community college event, provided they do not contact prospective student-athletes or their families, coaches, counselors, or high school administrators in an attempt to recruit the prospect.
  • To continue pre-established friendships with a prospect, prospect's family, SA, or their family provided that the contact with these individuals is not arranged by Alabama coaching staff members, nor is the contact an attempt to recruit the prospect.
  • To attend public events (banquets, fundraisers, or dinners) at which prospects are in attendance. However, NO contact or attempt should be made to recruit the prospect, including contact with the prospect's parents or coaches.